1) What is certified gem stone?
The gem stone which is real and genuine is called certified gem stone.

2) Why do I need AGTL certified gem stone?
As a layman, you can not differentiate real from synthetic (duplicate) one. To make sure that you buy the real gem stone,certification of gem stone becomes essential. AGTL helps you to get the real and genuine gem stone.

3) What does the Term “Natural” and “Synthetic” mean?
Natural means the gem stone is real while synthetic means Duplicate or man made.

4) How do I know that my AGTL certificate is genuine one?
AGTL certification comes with tracking system. Go to and fill in the certificate no. in the box provided and match the results online. Otherwise Contact Us to give you the full details regarding your certificate.

5) How do I know the quality of the gem stone?
Quality of the gem stone is measured with the following parameters: Color Clarity Cut Carat size. Original the colors, lesser the inclusions, fine the cut, and ideal the weight makes the gem stone valuable.

6) What does the Term “Simulant “mean?
The term simulant means similar. The stone which is similar in color with the other natural stone of higher value e.g. Citrine is stimulant for Yellow sapphire, as both are yellow in color but there is great difference in value. Yellow sapphire is precious and very expensive while citrine is semi precious and low value gem stone.

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